Thursday, May 1, 2014

Happy May Day 2014 - Update

A monthly update, here I go... This post is a bit overdue.

I spent a great weekend in Kona. Landed on Saturday and swam a mile at Hapuna beach, then a 60 mile ride, then an awesome 4 mile run. On Sunday, we rode an easy 28 miles. Then, we enjoyed the rest of the day. Aleisha and I even discovered a secret pond. That will remain a secret.

Despite a few set backs this past week (like my bike not arriving via Aloha Air Cargo, yes they somehow forgot to ship it and my carbon aero bars cracking and having to find $200+ to replace it), the weekend was spectacular. I got an opportunity to rent and ride the Specialized Shiv bike. Although it was bigger than my current bike (size 49cm being the smallest it came in, and I ride a 47cm women's geometry), the Shiv is an incredible bike. I loved it so much, I might have to buy one myself!!

Riding to Hawi... Oh, how do I describe this experience. There was a wind advisory... and team Boca did NOT ride on Saturday. But we did. And I got blown over from the shoulder lane to the road almost 5x! I thought I was going to die that day, literally!! How I did not even fall over, is beyond me. Thank you God!

I had an amazing time with some of the ladies of team Try Fitness in Kona. An incredible and unforgettable ride, an awesome weekend.

Having started my training since last year (by myself and not realizing it) until this past month (April) with team Try Fitness, I have come quite a long way. With that, I can feel myself getting a little exhausted and worn out. After the North Shore Marathon (April 6, 2014), the day after, I felt completely fine, but I somehow wanted to give myself an extra few days to rest. Now, after Kona, I am feeling the same. Despite the former roommates finally moving out and having to help them get some things finalized: cleaning, moving the rest of my things, etc., it has been a busy and long week. I cannot believe May is here. There are 2 more weeks until the Olympic distance Hon Triathlon. I looked back at when I signed up for this race, 10 months ago... Never would I have imagined myself coming this far along in becoming a triathlete. I never thought I could be this person. The reason I signed up was for the pure cheap price. I signed up hoping that I could and hoping that I will somehow manage the incredibly (long at the time) swim of 1500 meters. Although this swim is still long to me, it is much more manageable. I set a goal for myself to swim in 55 minutes for the race. During one of the Try Fitness training, we had to perform a sort of time trial of this distance. To my surprise, I finished in under 50 minutes. This has given me the much needed confidence for race day. Now, I know you cannot predict what will happen on race day, but if I can come in under 55 minutes, I will be so happy. 11 months ago, I could not swim. I could not float. I was scared of the water. 10 1/2 months ago, I took my first swim class. 12 months ago, I bought this carbon Scott Bike! 15 months ago, I clipped into my clipless pedals for the first time. The rest as they say, is history!

BTW - Scott CR Carbon, his name is Bruce Wayne. Yes, like Batman ;)

Wow, my second marathon. It has been an incredible 5 month journey training with the ever incredible and driven Debra! Team Zebra! That's what we called ourselves. I spent the last 5 months waking up every Saturday at around 430AM and meeting Debra for our weekly Saturday early morning runs. It has been an incredible journey. That discipline was incredibly and took everything I had, I think... I still cannot believe I did it. I am proud of this accomplishment. I am proud of Team Zebra. We did this together.

The North Shore Marathon shirt - definitely is one of my favorite finisher shirts: women's fit, dryfit, a great design and an awesome memory of my training and experiences with Debra.

LOONEY LAGOON 5K - Easter Egg Hunt race
I placed 3rd in my age category. Ecstatic! Training is really finally showing results :)

Team Hawaii Sport Reports - doing work, son!!

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  1. This is awesome Zara! I cannot wait to keep up with your adventures!